Big Rock Campground Endorses Flex Systems

flexOur company was fortunate to enlist the services of this amazing company that produced the best custom velcro patches for our advertising promotional. Custom velcro patches are a relatively new inexpensive promotional products that can be customized for your company. Flex Systems affords us the benefit of a graphic artist to assist with the creation of the design that we needed. This US manufacturing company completes all work in house.

Flex Systems has been manufacturing promotional products since 1994. These experts create difficult to decorate items. They are the premier manufacturer for military custom morale badges, sports items, and many other items to show off  business logos.

The technicians at FlexSystems were able to recreate our  difficult corporate logos to an impeccable degree. No matter how difficult your design is, the design team at FlexSystems will work with you to ensure that your promotional product is perfect for your needs. For expedite service, you will receive a quote with twenty-four hours. We highly recommend their service.

Catalytic Converter Recycling The Right Way !

Catalytic-Converters.jgCatalytic converters are simple devices. As the exhaust comes out of internal-combustion engine, it contains unburned fuel, oil and other undesirable substances. Catalytic converters have a honeycomb network of precious metal coated microscopic channels where the unburned substances combined with oxygen burn more efficiently. When the exhaust leaves the catalytic converter thru the tailpipe, it is much cleaner and safer for the environment.

In 1975, the U.S. government started to regulate the pollutants produced by vehicles and passed legislation requiring the use of catalytic converters on gas and diesel engines. Since that time, old and broken catalytic converters have been recycled.  is one of the most respected recyclers.

Catalytic converters are more valuable than just for scrap. They contain precious metals that can be extracted. Platinum is the most popular but palladium, rhodium, cerium, manganese, and nickel may be also be included. Recyclers will pay to own your old broken converters because of the precious metals that they contain. These precious metals are embedded within the catalytic converter in the honeycomb structure of the converter.

The precious metals are not easily extracted from the converter. Specialized equipment and machinery are necessary to recover the precious metal. For the best price for your old catalytic converter,